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Powering Innovation and Growth: Your Trusted AI and Software Partner

With a focus on FinTech, high-performance computing, and data analysis, MPL.AI is a leading AI and software consulting firm. Our expertise empowers businesses to innovate, optimize performance, and unlock growth opportunities. We deliver tailored solutions that streamline operations, enhance security, and drive success in the financial sector. Partner with us to stay ahead of the competition and harness the power of AI for transformative results.

AI Strategy and Implementation

We help businesses develop and implement effective AI strategies, identifying opportunities for automation, data-driven decision-making, and customer-centric solutions. Our expertise ensures seamless integration of AI technologies into existing systems.


Software Development and Optimization

Our team excels in developing and optimizing software solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. From fintech applications to high-performance computing platforms, we leverage the latest technologies to deliver robust, scalable, and secure software solutions.


Data Analysis and Insights

With a strong focus on data analysis, we offer advanced analytics services to extract actionable insights from complex datasets. Our expertise in data-driven decision-making helps businesses uncover patterns, trends, and opportunities, driving informed strategies and improving performance.

15000 The number of hours it took for an AI system to learn chess from scratch and eventually defeat the world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, in 1997.
AI can accurately predict the onset of Parkinson's disease with a success rate of around 90%
20 Millions is the estimated number of jobs that will be created by AI by the year 2030
AI algorithms are capable of processing and analyzing massive amounts of data, with some systems capable of analyzing up to 1 million gigabytes of data per second.

Our Story


Started Automated Trading System



Built Sentiment Analysis System



Built Risk Assessment System



Built Portfolio Optimization System


Work Process

How We Work


Discovery and Analysis

The first step is to understand the client's requirements, goals, and challenges. This involves conducting in-depth discussions, gathering information, and analyzing the existing systems and processes.


Solution Design and Development

Once the requirements are gathered, the consulting team designs a tailored solution. This includes selecting appropriate AI technologies, software architectures, and development frameworks.


Implementation and Deployment

After the solution is developed and tested, the implementation and deployment phase begins. The consulting team works closely with the client to ensure a smooth transition from development to production.

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