Author: Mariojose Palma

I am an entrepreneur, and currently CTO of two companies. I specialize in using technology to create solutions for both people and businesses that improve their quality of life. I invest in new ideas and companies. I have dedicated my life to software architecture and development at first responding to client's requirements, and later as a tool to substantially change the world for the better. My software development skills brought me to the US, where I’m currently contributing to the creation of the future of financial transactions. In the past, I have successfully architected and developed various high-performance, secured and high-volume system interactions through RESTful APIs, OAuth 2.0, Queuing methodologies and the last 4 years creating Internet of Things solutions handling critical real-time data using the latest Microsoft Azure IoT tools to make this possible. My passions are robotics, artificial intelligence, and the stock market. Areas of expertise: Software Development | Software Architecture | Innovation | Business development | Artificial intelligence | Crypto World
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